Pilates is good for both men and women and does not only improve flexibility but also core-strength and general wellbeing. It is suitable for all ages - my clients range from 30’s to 60’s and beyond… and several have been attending my classes for years. I qualified as a Pilates Instructor over 8 years ago but practised Pilates for 6 or 7 years before that! I enjoy passing on my Pilates knowledge and seeing how Pilates helps my clients.

121 sessions are tailored towards the individual needs of each client and a Par-Q Health and contact form (link at the bottom of this page) is completed on booking your first session. This form enables me to plan your sessions according to your needs and the goals you want to gain. 

I demonstrate the exercises a few times whilst you do them with me and then check your positions. Giving you feedback after showing you and then show the next exercise … 

Pilates with Diane 1to1 hour sessions run as follows: 

  • 5 minute warm-up 
  • Main exercises 
  • 5-10 minute relaxation/stretch 

I would advise a minimum of four 121 sessions at a minimum in order to get the full benefit of this type of session and to give a thorough introduction to Pilates.

At the 4th Session we go over what you have achieved and there’s a chance to have exercise sheets of some of the exercises covered. We also book the next set of sessions. Between sessions I will also answer any questions clients ask and confirm/re-book any 121 sessions when needed.   

Due to the popularity of these sessions and my growing class commitments I can now only offer new clients 3/4 hour sessions.

Cost: from January 2019 @ £45 p/h

New Pilates with Diane Clients (from April 2022)

¾ hour sessions @ £36 per session 

 4 x 3/4 hour sessions = £144 less discount of £6 for block booking. = £138          

1st Block includes 1 piece of equipment -- either a resistance band / soft Pilates Ball or trigger point massage ball.         

FURTHER BLOCKS will cost  £138  including the block discount and any equipment required will be charged at a discounted price.

121  Your Pelvic Matters Sessions are available to Current Class Clients & 121 Clients 

More details:   https://www.pilateswithdiane.co.uk/your-pelvic-matters.html


121 Sessions for Current clients who started before January 1st 2018

1 to 1 x 4 = £165  (hour sessions)

Discount for block booking = £5

Therefore having a discount of £1.25 per session 

Total Cost = £160   (£40 per session)


  "Since our sessions started 3 years ago I feel more energised stronger and more flexible. I have been amazed at the power of improved breathing! After many years of back problems I have not had an issue since we began. Thank you" Peter  121's since 2017

"Been having 121’s with Diane for a few months now and am so pleased with the results.   Diane's so calm & thorough when teaching the movements. I can feel the benefits. I think the best way to describe it is- my joints have been greased! My daughter can see the difference in me too both with mobility and weight loss. I would recommend Diane if you are considering Pilates." Janet - 121 Client 2018 & Southam Class 2020

"My husband Mike and I have enjoyed classes with Diane for 5 years as well as home one to one and one to two sessions following shoulder surgeries which enabled us to regain strength and mobility.    Our main recommendation regarding “Pilates with Diane” is the constant variety which Diane introduces at each session. Additionally Diane has a superb knowledge of anatomy and focuses on each individual attending her sessions which are always friendly and relaxed."          Lyn & Mike - 122's & Ufton Class Clients